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TV and Audio Wall Mounting services in San Diego

Having a TV at home gives you a lot of opportunities to relax and have fun. After a long day at work, you might get absorbed in your favorite show. On a date, you can watch a romantic movie together with your sweetheart. On a Super Bowl Sunday, you can invite your buddies to root for your favorite team. To enjoy those precious moments, you do not need to buy a bulky and pricey TV stand. You can save a lot of space and money if you choose to mount your TV on the wall. Hire Speedmates to do this job for you.

Installing a TV mount yourself is risky. You may damage your wall while drilling into it. Moreover, if you do not affix the mount properly, your new TV may fall and break down. Trust this job to professionals like Speedmates. Every week, our highly-trained handymen successfully install dozens of TV mounts, both tilting and rotating. We mount TVs of all the sizes available in the market. If you bought a tiny TV meant to hang in the kitchen and entertain you while you are cooking, we will easily deal with the project. If your new TV is extra-large and has separate blocks of audio components, we can tackle this too.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Service Provider

This depends on such factors as the size of your TV, the light source, and the placement of your sofa or bed. Also, the viewing angle should be no more than 30 degrees. Our handyman will assess all those factors and help you pick the best spot.

Generally, we do not consider this to be a good idea. Your TV might be negatively affected by regular exposure to heat. Moreover, the viewing angle would be far from perfect.

It depends on where you want to locate your TV. If you are putting it up in the bedroom, a tilting mount can be a good option. If you are placing it in the corner of your room, an articulating mount would work better. If you are hesitating, our handyman will help you pick the best option.

Yes! If you are not sure which wall mount will go best with your TV or audio system, our handyman will consult you on the options you have.

Drywall would be the easiest option to place a TV mount on it. If you have plaster or brick walls, mounting is still possible, but it would require some extra hardware.